DHCP not working for some clients


I have a basic network mesh network of E500's.  I have a problem where some clients cannot connect or connect but get no internet.  The setup: VLAN 1 is used for the Mesh E500's on 5Ghz, no problems.  VLAN2 is setup for client access on 2.4Ghz, VLAN2 is setup with a DHCP pool starting at  This setup works great for  97% of the clients.

While looking at CNMeastro, I see a few clients connected with a IP, how does this happen and why are they allowed to connect with that IP.  Please see attachment.  Both PC users and Android phones have been set to obtain DHCP but still have issues connecting.


From the attached screen shot, we can see that clients which are not getting IP address are reporting low RSSI value. Looks like these clients have poor wireless connectivity. 

When you see the issue again please share AP tech dimp

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