DHCP Options on ePMP


on MikroTik CPEs you can add custom DHCP options on DHCP server, for example to provide auto provisioning information to attached devices (a router).

On ePMP I can't find this feature. It would be very useful!

Is there any way to do this?

Thank you

Hi giuseppe4,

We dont have ability to add custom DHCP options on ePMP devices. You can only enable DHCP Option 82 on ePMP AP.

DHCP Option 82
ePMP inserts “remote-id” (option ID 0×2) to be the SM’s MAC
address and the “circuit-id” (ID 0×01) to be the AP’s MAC address. Those
two fields are used to identify the remote device and connection from
which the DHCP request was received.

On SM in NAT mode you can configure DHCP Local Server  to provide IP address for LAN devices. You can found it  under  Configuratiom>Network>Ethernet Interface>DHCP server.

Thank you and sorry for inconveniences.


Thank you, hope you'll add a feature for custom options