Dhcp server not responding!

I have a E400 with fixed IP, but the DHCP Server does not work, not respect the new range.

What is the problem??

What is the dhcp server and layer-3 vlan interface configuration? (can you please describe/post-screenshot or send output of 'show config' from telnet/ssh).


Note that the default router should be on the same subnet as the DHCP pool. Also, the L3-interface that is part of the DHCP pool is the one which should be marked for NAT.

So lets assume we want to keep the main IP address of the AP still, and the AP should be giving out an IP address of through to its wireless clients, the way to configure this would be:

1. Create a new L3 interface under Network called vlan10:

and assign this an IP address on that subnet (in this example is the IP of the AP on this subnet). 

Also, mark that this interface will be NATted (tick the NAT checkbox).

Let the VLAN1 interface remain as-is (it will have a static IP of

2. Now create a DHCP pool for this vlan-10 and on network and specify the DHCP pool range:

Mark the APs IP address on this subnet as the default router (

3. Make sure the VLAN for the WLAN is marked as 10 (instead of the default 1). So clients that associate will be placed on vlan10, get an IP address from this local subnet and be NATted out of onto the rest of the network. So under Wireless->WLAN:



Excelente!!! It’s ready…very so much for your time and support. :wink: