DHCP Static Allotment - need more than three

Bought a R201 to test on my home network (using a Mikrotik now).  One immediate deal killer is the lact of DHCP Static Allotment options.  My current router has 20 DHCP static addresses. The 201 seems to only allow 3.  Can there be an "Add" or "More" button added there and allow us to add as many of those as we want??

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 10.15.16 AM.png

The other lacking feature is VLANs - but in that case I might be asking a bit much from a home router...

This also looks a lot like DD-WRT firmware, and by a lot, I mean identical...


Thanks for sharing your feedback for DHCP static allotment option.Our Product Management team will internally discuss this requirement further.

We do support VLAN at WAN interface , you can configure VLAN per WAN from Network -> WAN option.

I need VLAN on the LAN side, not the WAN side.  The ePMP radio takes care of the VLAN assignment on the WAN side for me.  I have a number of VLANs I like to configure on the LAN side for the interior network. But I totally get that is a somewhat advanced feature...  Having more DHCP static allotments is needed, though.


We are working on this new requirement where a user can add more  DHCP static allotment.Hopefully we will provide support for more then 3 static allotment in our next release.

Thanks for your feedback.


I was wondering if there is any update on adding more DHCP Static Allotments? I too am finding that I really need more than three. As suggested could we please see atleast a total of twenty?

Thank you.

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is there a way to add DHCP Static Allotment ip reservation through the CLI ?


This enhancement will be available via UI on 4.3.3 release.