Diagnostic file emulator for PTP670


is there anyone can provide an diags emulator for PTP670?

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I have forwarded this to the support and development team

Gerry, unfortunately this isn't a tool that can be given out.  Our support engineers would be able to run the emulation for you.  They would need the output from http://ipaddressofPTP670/field_diags.cgi

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so where can i send the files?



Hi Gerry, you can open a support ticket via online request at our support website https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/ .  Click Submit a Request on the top right corner.

Or via phone using US – Toll Free: +1-888-863-5250 and selecting option 1 for Technical support.

Those files, as well as a LINKPlanner project, would be the most useful for troubleshooting.  The TDD Sync parameters are determined from LINKPlanner and would be used to verify correct sync settings.