Difference between AP and SM reading

I have a simple question, why are the basic reading (RSSI, PL, JITTER, etc) on the session status of the AP different from the SM. And which one should I be paying the most attention too.

I beleive that the one you are looking at shows you what it sees the other at. Both are important for a good link. So, on an SM it is showing you the signal that it is receiving from the AP and at the AP vise versa. you want them to see each other well for a good link.

I agree with you and that is what I normally do. But I have one SM that has an RSSI of 1,500+ while the status tap on the AP show RSSI of 670 - 700. Same with the Jitter of 1 and PW of -46db at SM and Jitter 5/4 and PW -72/70 at AP

Also at the AP it shows a high REG Count

Any ideas? I thought it might be interference at the AP site, but I have 11 other SM’s on this AP and their stats are generally the same.

Generally that means that you have bad alignment at the SM. It’s seeing the power form the AP just fine, but especially if you’ve got a yagi (or any other narrow beamwidth antenna) at the SM, it can be misaligned and give you the results that you are seeing. Sounds like a truck roll for visual inspection and realignment to me.

High noise at the AP will also do this. Typically it is due to self-interference between AP’s.

Check that all AP’s have the same Max distance, Control Slots, and DL% and that they all have GPS or other common Sync.