Difference between C054045C003A and C054045C001B

Hi, we order a subscriber module modelo no: C054045C003A but we received the model no: C054045C001B instead.

I would like the difference between them. Thanks!

The -003A is a 20 Mbps keyed subscriber... the -001A or -001B is the 4 Mbps version.  This refers to the maximum sustained data rate that the radio will achieve.

There is no functional difference between the "A" revision or the "B" revision (the last letter in the part number: that is, C054045C001A is functionally equivalent to C054045C001B).

If you received the wrong part, please contact your reseller.


Did you possibly also receive a license entitlement key email from your reseller? It would have the code: 

C000045K003A (PMP 450 4 TO 20 MBPS UPGRADE KEY)

Some distributors prefer to stock the 4Mbps hardware as you have received, because it covers all bases. They then order upgrade license keys as required, because they only take 3-4 days for a license.

In other words, C054045C001B + C000045K003A = C054045C003A

There is no price difference in doing it this way in terms of MSRP, so you shouldn't lose out on cost. It might therefore be quicker to ge the 4Mbps hardware + 20Mbps license if that's what they had in-stock.

Hope this helps, it's just that in my experience that is what your reseller might have been trying to do, and not actually sent you the wrong thing, just a different way of getting what you want.



That's a great point Kyle, and thanks for highlighting this.

Some resellers might be achieving the same result in a different way.  

We always appreciate the support of our great partners!

Hi, am trying to reset the above mentioned device and am stuck. Kindly assist

This thread had to do with applying a different Throughput Limiting key to a device... (and is several years old).

If you're trying to enter Default Mode, or Factory Default the radio, then see this thread.

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