Difference in Radio Power

I was having problems registering 2 900 SMs to an AP mounted on a water tower. There are 3 APs on the tower all mounted approximately ninety degrees apart. I could get 1 of 2 SMs to register in software mode @ 1x but neither SM would register in hardware mode. There were over 3000 re-regs in one night in hardware mode.

I decided to turn one of the APs on tower towards the SMs and received registration in hardware mode with 2x rate and 90-100% upload/download efficiency. Honestly I didn’t think the SMs would be able to see the AP!!!

I decided to move this AP over to the first APs position and check out the links. Both SMs registered in hardware mode but with a higher jitter.

The initial AP that would not pick register with the SMs was moved to the opposite location and tested. Here it registered with the 2 SMS but the link test was no where near the other APs.

All equipment is new advantage platform with internal antenna.

Do some radios not have as much power as others or something???