Different ssids in the same e425


Is it possible two have 2 different groups of users in the same AP but with access to different services? Like one group can just have access to Whatsapp and the other group free access to Internet. Can this be done with just the AP or more external hardware is required? Thanks.

Create 2 VLANs in the AP group, create DHCP server for both.
Create 2 SSID each for selected VLAN
Set firewall rules in the SSID setting to allow specific services.

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Thank you very much!

Hi Pshemo:

I’m definitively having issues configuring the vlans in the e425H:

-It can just be done though CnMaestro?

-Is that so, I can’t find my way to adding vlans to the group and much less configuirng the DHCP.

Is there a guide where I cant find does procedures?

Thanks in advance

Anydesk or other remote tool ?

Hi, Pshemo. What´s your time zone?

Can you give me an email?

Hi Clau,

Is the issue is solved ?

Hi Ashok:

Thanks yes, this part is solved. My issue now is how to config the AP through cnMaestro with a config file directly from an AP. The AP config has like 200 ACL rules that I sent to the AP through SSH and I don’t want to re-write everything again, line by line.

Hi Clau,
You can use “User-Defined-Overrides” option to push the ACL rules.

  1. create one WLAN in cnMaestro and add it in one AP group
  2. Add ACL rules in the “User-Defined-Overrides”(see the attached image below) under AP group
  3. Push the configuration to AP

Note : If you want to add the rules for WLAN-2 you can use wireless wlan 2

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