Difficulty with R201 Bridge Feature

I am trying to make a R201 that is hard wired from a different R201 in a separate building bridge back to the first unit on the internet and have it’s clients obtain DHCP from the main unit. This way the remote building can have it’s own WIFI signal and wired ports. Unfortunately no matter what I try doesn’t work and it then crashes my entire network in the other building. The only way this works is to set the second remote R201 to use thru 255 and let it pick up DHCP from the main unit and then do it’s own routing. This appears to work fine and it even show up on cnMaestro. I don’t think this is an ideal situation have a second back to back router but it is the only way I can get it to work. What am I doing wrong? I tried setting up separate WAN profiles as explained on this support site but I can’t get it to work.

I don’t know if this will help you, but I believe this is what you’re after. If you configure just the port you want to forward on to another R201.

Thanks. That is mostly what I have except I left the VLAN Mode Disabled in the Bridge Profile. Is that my problem? How did you come up with VLAN Id of 405? I want to bind all the ports to the bridge. I won’t be using this to connect through another R-201. I am using a R-201 in my office to get this set up and tested. When I take it to my client it will be hooking to an unknown router. If I enable Remote Web Log In under administration I should be able to get at it from the main network, correct? I want to see this in my cloud cnMaestro also.

Setup 2 wan interface. One for mgmt and another for voice and internet traffic. They can be set to dhcp or static for ip. Be sure to set the voice and internet interface to bridge mode. Use cnMaestro.

Without cnMaestro mgmt manually switch router to basic mode then set to bridge mode.

What is the difference between hardware IP Bridge and IP Bridge? Which shall I use?

Use IP bridge. I also keep Vlan disabled as it is not necessary unless you specifically have vlans configured on your network.