Digital Loggers POE injector and CambiumePMP

Hey all,

I'm curious if any of you have experience running the Digital-loggers midspan-POe injector/controllers with Cambium products.

I have a bench test running right now with the blu and brown pairs flipped on the Cat5 and it's powered up and passing Ethernet without issue..

I'm afraid to roll a deploy out this way as I certainly don't want to damage my new GPS APs, but if it works it will certainly make for a neat install..

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Again, all I had to do was flip the brown and blue pairs to make the ePmp AP power up using a DLI..


Tried it.

Works perfectly with the GPS-Sync version..

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Hello Isaac, I want to buy Digital Loggers PoE Injector, do you recommend?

For GPS-Syn Radios, is not necessary flip the brown and blue pairs, correct?