Digital Sensors for proper site reporting.

Sensor IC's have gotten pretty cheap especially in OEM/Mass production, would be REALLY nice to see a vendor finally integrate Compass / Level / GPS / Altimeter into the PMP450m i think they even make integrated SOC's that report everything together. Would be a great stup up from basic GPS.

Why? Simple.

cnMaestro would be able to build an entire network topology locations/azimuths/downtilts, dynamically as sectors are added and would always be updated.

cnMaestro could raise alarms if antennas shift beyond a preset acceptable value. Many of us are in high winds and hurricane areas, so the ability to know where we need to roll trucks to to realign antennas is something that would drastically cut back on costs . 

Being able to know azimuth with certainty combined with possible addition of basic gps to PMP450SMs (or manually configuring each SM's location), would allow for cnMaestro to show how well distributed our clientele per sector is.

Why Not? Cost... but honestly i don't really get how this is a big issue, 100$ cell phones now have full sensor suites, no reason a 2000-6000 radio can't add the 4-5$ sensor i would imagine :S

Something like this

LOL sorta, though that might be a bit more than would be needed lol More along the lines of these IC's :)

We really need a better cambium response categories... like under consideration - already coming and under consideration - if pigs learn to fly

Just kidding :)