Disable SSID when no internet access


Is it possible to disable a SSID when there is no backhaul service (ie, the AP is not connected to the internet)?

Im running into the following issue:

An e500 is setup as a mesh base/client with a Force 180 connected to ETH1 which provides internet access into the box.

If the Force 180 loses connection, there is no internet conenction on the e500 any more.

e500 wont switch to Mesh Client however, as there is still an ethernet LINK to the 180 so backhaul autodection doesnt switch modes.

Mesh Clients access points that used this Base simply connect/disccont to the 'island' access point.

Being able to disable the MESH ssid when there is no internet access available on the unit would solve this problem, but it doesnt appear to be an option.  

Any ideas?

Could you please provide more information:

  • Do you want to disable the access SSIDs configured on the device 
  • Do you want to disable only Mesh Base WLAN profile.


We are already using the monitor host option to disable the client access SSID.

Ideally though, I need to find a way to disable Mesh Base option when there is no internet access as the network would then reconfigure and continue to provide access albeit in a slightly less optimal way.

With Mesh Base staying active without internet access, it pretty much breaks everything, and negates the multiple mesh base(s) we have put into place to ensure coverage in the event of multiple failures.

At present, there is no option to disable Mesh Base when there is no internet connection.

There is an option to check internet connectivity and reboot device after certain time period. If you prefer this solution, please unicast me to share CLI commands for the same.