Disabling reset via power sequence - MocriPOP 3000

We have MicroPOP 3000 installed on several customer sites and when there is a power outage/ brown outs, the AP resets back to factory default.

Tried to disable the “Reset via power sequence” option and its grayed and cannot be disabled.

How can we disable this option?

In my opinion, this feature is not available on this device. The only thing that saves you is a UPS with a surge protection system.

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I think, this option is a firmware bug as in 4.6.1 we were able to disable the feature and its grayed in even its grayed, I was able to disable it by downloading the config file, open it on text editor and change the value and upload the config file back. :slight_smile: and hoping Cambium will fix this soon

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This is the only way currently to disable reset on power cycle and it is not supported by cambium as it is not really implemented.

The simple (and proper) way is to have backup/steady power. Either use a line interactive or double conversion UPS or use direct DC power system with battery.
Many of us have gone the direct DC method for many reasons but the increase in stability and run time has made the added expense well worth it. Just make sure you plan some sort of power monitoring to let you know that you are on battery power, we do this with packetflux sitemonitor and a script that polls the voltage level and email/sms messages us when the voltage drops below 26v (24v power is common but anything above 52 and below 54 is good for 48v monitoring) and a few more select voltages to keep us informed if we need to get out there with a small generator to recharge the batteries.

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