Disconnect-info [ap-sent-disassoc-with-code-2]


we had the problem, that our mobile devices (Orderman) in an restaurant, sometimes brake the connection and must be restart to conect again. In the Notifications we see the messages  disconnect-info [ap-sent-disassoc-with-code-2] and disconnect-info [ap-sent-disassoc-with-code-2]. Anybody an idea what the problem happens?

We use the E400 and E500 with Software 3.3 r16

I have the same trouble too. With August doorbell.

It normally connects to one AP without duplicated AP's. But when I set it on the main network, I get [ap-sent-disassoc-with-code-2] while connecting. 802.11r is disconnected on that network, and band is 2,4 with auto channel selection.


Please email tech-support of AP to shashank.tadakamadla@cambiumnetworks.com.

Please follow steps below to download tech-support:

  • Login to GUI of AP
  • Navigate to Operations
  • Click on Download tech-support.

Thank You.

So was this ever resolved?

We are having the same issue and we sent the info to support which they gave me the answer of hard setting the channels . We also had the same error codes.

If support finds an issue please post it. I can't imagine there was no fix.

I have the same problem, did you find the solution? I'm talking to the support but they still do not solve anything.

Please confirm if below behaviour is seen, when you see reason code [ap-sent-disassic-with-code-2]:

  • Please confirm if client fails to connect when this event occurs.
  • After some time, if you try to reconnect, you will be able to connect successful.

The client connect but disasssociates and after some reassociates. This occur about every 10 min.

Please email tech-support of AP to shashank.tadakamadla@cambiumnetworks.com

I am having same or similar with 3 epmp 1000 hotspots now, all running 3.3.1-r1...happens daily on all 3 hotspots.