Still strugglling with  a couple of dozen or more SM's that disconnect and do not reconnect until power cycled.

All are on 15.0.1.  Don't see much in the SM logs except power on reset.  Nothing in the radius authentication logs that would indicate auth failure.

Some advice here would be helpful.


Could you please give me the following details:

1. How often disconnection happens? How many SMs are connected to the AP?All SMs are disconnecting at the same time or only some of them disconnecting.

2. How many PMP devices are facing this issue? Do you have only one link or more than one link?If more than one link, do you have same issue in another link as well ?

3.Could you please share the CNUT files from the AP and one or two SMs which are disconnecting and one SM which is working fine.

Please share these details along with your details at support@cambiumnetworks.com and we will create a case to assist you further regarding the same.

Please find the attached document for the procedure to extract the CNUT files from the radios.

What's troubling is it is seemingly random.  It is not affecting all the  SM's at the same time on an AP. Just one here and one there on various towers. Several customers every day.   The only way  to restore service is to have the customer power cycle the SM.  It comes back up with good to very good signals and speed tests.

We'll start gathering the info.

Did you found the cause of the disconnects or narrow it down any?