Discover set up crazy

  1. delete doesn’t - a click on delete icon does not delete filter
    2. nonesense "Altert: Please check IP range. Start IP can’t be greater than End IP"
    with IPs start / end
    3. forum not very useful without images

apparently Discover does not like zeros as the last IP octet
so (rather than .0) is accepted
next problem - not realizing how slow the system scans
entered a large subnet
that IP range would take years to scan

now how ever many times I try to stop the scan
(in order to enter a number of subnets with that range)
the scan (Discover) will not stop and thus I am unable to delete it

Apparently once a Discover session is started
Controls on the Discover page like “Stop Discovery” and “Delete Discovery” are not functional.
The scan of the very large subnet apparently quit over night - nothing found
and scan of the other subnets began.

Would merit a note in the usermanual!
"Warning: controls blocked while Discover underway!"
or whatever is appropriate

Posting the results of the subsequent investigation in case others are also experiencing this issue.

John uncovered a scalability issue with discovery. John was trying to discover a sparsely populated class B network which caused the discovery service to crash. Once the CNS Server was restarted, the discovery service noticed the stop request and moved on to the other networks.

We’re working on a permanent fix for this issue. For the time being, please limit discovery to class C subnets only.