Installed CNS server on Windows 8.1 64 bit machine. Set up one of my AP’s in discovery but when discovery started I get the message that Discovery has been scheduled but nothing ever happens. Back end services have been verified to be running. Help would be appreciated as I am trying to upgrade from and old Prizm service.


We have reproduced this issue on Windows Server 2012 R2 and are working on a fix. The problem is related to a recently released Microsoft Security Update KB2922229 causing the CNS Server back end service to not run correctly even though it reports success. In the mean time we have identified two short term work arounds.

Work around 1:
Start the CNS Server back end via command prompt
1. Open an elevated (right-click, Run as administrator) command prompt in <cns_install_directory>\cnsserver\scripts
2. Stop cnsserver Service if it is running
>sc stop cnsserver
3. Start the CNS Server back end
4. Do not close the command prompt window. The CNS Server back end is running in this window. In order to shut down the back end you can press Ctrl+d in this window or run stop_cnss.bat in a separate command prompt.

Work around 2:
Uninstall Microsoft Security Update KB2922229
1. Follow the instructions here:
2. In the upper right search bar search for "KB2922229"
3. Right-click "Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB2922229) and select Uninstall
4. Reboot your computer. The CNS Server back end service should now start normally without issue.

We will be creating a hotfix patch to permanently address this issue.</cns_install_directory>

Uninstalled the KB listed and now the CNS finds my AP’s. However, is it supposed to populate the SM’s? My SM’s do not have public IP’s. I am now no longer able to add an entry to discover and on the monitor page the map is a tiny block in the top left corner. Since Prizm/BAM is no longer supported, what is the alternative for bandwidth management?

The SMs need to have routable IP addresses in order to communicate with the server.

For not being able to add additional discovery entries please send us an email at with steps to reproduce what you are seeing along with what browser and version you are using.

For the map, try resizing and/or refreshing the browser. What browser and version are you using?

The current alternative to Prizm/BAM for QoS management is to use RADIUS. Our next version of CNSS 1.2 will have configuration support in order to set QoS parameters.

It was determined that the root cause of not being able to add additional discovery entries is a known issue that was disclosed in the 1.1 Release Notes and has been fixed in 1.2. The work around is to refresh the browser window.

From the release notes:
Issue: 21498
Description: Inventory cells become uneditable
Work around: If this occurs, click the refresh button on the browser to clear the fault.

The problem related to Windows Security Update KB2922229 preventing the CNSS backend service from starting properly has been fixed with a Hotfix patch for CNSS 1.1. This update is available on the Release Download Page.

I am having this same problem I’m using windows 7 64bit i have applied the hot fix and removed KB2922229 Update whenever i try to discover it tell me it has been scheduled but nothing ever happens

Are you able to determine if the backend service is running? The symptoms you describe indicate that the backend is down for some reason. It may need to be started manually.

You could also download and install the 1.2 beta and try running with that. It has many bug fixes, improved stability and better performance compared to 1.1. It is available on the website.