Discussion on CBRS and Spectrum Sharing

A new report has been produced by SenzaFili Research and RCR Wireless discussing the Citizens Band Radio Service (CBRS) and spectrum sharing in general.

It's a great review of the planned changes to the 3 GHz band in the US, and potential impacts to the future of spectrum sharing across the globe.  There are interviews with several folks from various companies that are impacted by this type of change.

Check out this report HERE.

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Matt, How will Cambium’s current products, like the 450i series connect to the SAS and ESC, to be CBRS participants? Thx, Ely

We are planning for the entire PMP 450 plaftorm to operate with the Part 96 rules, once they take effect.

We will require the use of cnMaestro to act as link between the SAS system and the radios (it will be a Domain Proxy for the SAS). 

I am still not exactly sure how we will obtain the new FCC ID's required, but our equipment is capable (i.e. they already are capable of operation down to 3550 MHz) and the software changes are being developed right now to allow the products to function within the SAS rule set, and comply with Part 96 rules.

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Do you have a specific SAS vendor that you are working with?   Any SAS testing completed?

Anything new with CBRS and PMP450 platform?

There is a ton going on here... more public announcements, webinars, etc. will be available soon.