Display configuration to be sync'd vs current running config

I have come across a situation where I made a small change to a DHCP scope in and NSE3000. However, when I try to sync the new configuration, the entire network disconnects for about 10 minutes, the client internet service that this NSE supports also goes down. All devices eventually return on line, but the NSE returns an error that the configuration failed to sync.

Is there a way to see a differential of the config I am trying to push, vs the current running config to see what is being pushed in the config that could these problems?

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You can see what’s failing if you click on the sync failure message in cnMaestro. It will describe what the failure is in the sync alarm. Sync is when the configuration in the NSE group is the same as the configuration in the NSE device (for the benefit of background here).

If your change in IP scope is not in the gateway network, that will cause the sync error - that is quite obvious after you look again, but I’ve been burnt before by thinking I’m changing a single parameter, but in fact, something like the admin password configured in the NSE group does not meet the minimum requirements. All the while, I’m hunting for the bad parameter, but when I finally look at the sync alarm, it tells me about the password - I did not want to change any password, and I thought the password was good but fixing the alarm involved setting the password correctly.

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Thank you Dave. It took a while to track it down, but it seems that my WAN1 interface changed from static to DHCP.