Distance Boost - Force 400C


I have 2* Force400c radios and also ordered 0.9m Antennas from ALGCOM. Can this work on 40km link?LinkPlanner says:

  1. -51dBm+/- 4
  2. Lowest Mode Availability: 100%
  3. Mean IP Predicted: 0.00mbps

Warning: The maximum range for this link operating in ePTP mode at 40 MHz is 32 kilometers.

Anyone who has reached 40km on Force400c?

Hi Martin

Did you test this on the field? How did it go?

Still no real answer in regards to the artificial max link distance.
A pair of 0.9m dishes is probably too small but a pair of 1.2m dishes is where I would start. Hoping this is mountain top to mountain top link though as earth curvature and fresnel intrusion would be very significant on this distance.

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