Distance ePMP Force 200

what is the true distance for force 200 in good performance?

There are a few different Force 200 products and bands they can operate in. Can you be more specific? There’s an “L” model, there are 5 and 2.4GHz models. The best way to model distance and capacity is by using LinkPlanner.

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Performance is a relative term. It depends mainly on the state of the ether.
If it is crowded and the distance is very short, it can be problematic and the throughput is bad.
If the spectrum is without interference, it can be very far and very far.
I have a situation Force 200 5ghz as AP and connected to it 3 Force 200 5 GHz as SM. They are equally over 26 km apart. Three neighboring houses. How well this works is amazing.



In PTP or PtMP? Use ePTP for PTP if you don’t plan on GPS sync.

Ah, the gain on the F200 as AP really makes this possible. Thats a great result.

eptp just lowers your latency a bit,

there are a lot of ways to get long distance from a f200.
Start with a link planner model, this will give you the free space loss and a link budget (if the ether cooperates it will at least link up).
channel size matters, large 40mhz channels do not go as far as the radios total tx power is divided by 4 (4 10mhz streams), the best bang for the distance is 10mhz.
specific channels have lower tx power based on the country. Here in Canada the best long distance channel is 5830mhz as its 30db tx power.
I would talk about antenna gain but you said f200 which does not come connectorized, use the epmp1000LITE for that or jump to an f300csm.


ePTP provides the best throughput as well as latency. It’s simply incredible. More so on AC gear.

That’s interesting – that’s not our experience. For us, ePTP mode worked like magic on 1000/2000 series, but on F300/3000 series, we find that ePTP absolutely falls on it’s face when the link get’s more full. So, we have all our F300 ptp links in TDD 75%/25% mode, and for us that seems to work better than flexible ePTP. :man_shrugging:

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:man_facepalming: typical, lol

In all my tests, ePTP was best (4.6.2). TDD latency fluctuates too much. Perhaps with more connections it starts to degrade. Hopefully improvements to TCP throughout will come in the next release.

My best F300 ePTP link is at 6km and UDP gets close to 550meg aggregate (on synchronous test) with 100 connections on an 80mhz channel. Unfortunately I can’t test that on TCP accurately because the device CPU maxes out. Only get about 260meg aggregate with 20 connections. Latency is consistent.

On a busy F300 ePTP link is at 12km and on TCP (existing +/-40% mixed customer traffic) I get around 230meg aggregate (20 connections, on synchronous test) on an 80mhz channel. Latency is consistent.