Dmz and nat test we have been playing with.

This is just some information that I have been playing with. As I am sure some people might run into this as well.

Lets say you have a customer that has been deployed and nat was turned on in the sm. The customer then calls and says, my game wont work, and you find that it wont work behind the antenna nat. So do you turn the nat off? Or walk the customer how to setup dmz? The customer is not very computer savy as well.

We have been playing with a setup.

We have been turning off nat but have a better solution.

Enable dmz and setup the dhcp server to only lease one ip address.

Set the dhcp starting ip in the sm to the dmz address.

while you may notice is says in red letters saying Conflict with dhcp server.

However the router will still pull the ip address of dmz address and all the dns information as well.

This seems to work well and we havent seen any issues with it.

Has anyone else tried this?

Kind of bumping this one, because I was cleaning out some old bookmarks. Someone else may find information on this useful.

Since we work with NAT on our SM’s, we’ve had to figure out a good system for dealing with the problems it creates. The above doesn’t work on newer firmware updates, I’ve found anyway. The best way to deal with a problem with games or ventrillo, etc is to enable the DMZ in the radio and statically assign the router (or whatever) to that DMZ.

If they plug another device instead of whatever has that ip, they still get dhcp’d an address. At the same time, our management system doesn’t care because all it sees is the same old SM doing all the talking.

Typically, the user has their Xbox or Playstation, etc plugged into a router so this works good and they still have the router doing firewall stuff.