Dn connecting with a DN? V2000

I have just found this beauty

Seems like something is buggy or can I expect issues in the future with this connection?

We always manually configure our devices.
but this one is new to us

Of course, I’d be happy to help, but I’ll need more information about the specific issue or topic you’re referring to so that I can provide a relevant response.

it seems to me a little bit odd that the unit says that it is a DN while during the configuration it is a CN
Which information do you need to find the relevant response, I’m not so open about sharing unit information in an open forum but more then happy to send it to you for further follow up and that the result can be posted here as help for others, who maybe experience similar issues
Thanks al ready in advance

Hi Kevin,
If you can provide more screenshots and more details to better understand the situation that will help. It’s unclear what the issue is. Are you saying that you configured a DN-DN link, but it’s reporting that one of the devices is a CN somewhere?

it’s a V2000 PTP that is configured DN - CN
But some how it shows as DN - DN which is theoretical impossible.
So I want to know how we can resolve this, since this looks like a visual bug to me

I’ve reviewed the fielddiags you shared via email, and I can see that both nodes have been set up as DN, and the GUI is reflecting this configuration.

It is theoretically allowed to have DN-DN connectivity.
In the below diagram from User Guide you see the PTP slave can be either a CN or DN.

So what is the difference between a DN-CN or a DN-DN Connection?

Like is there a different way in the way the device behaves themselve

for example:
when you make changes in the local DN how will affect this on the remote DN?
if you make change on the frequency will the other one follow?

It seems more logic to always use a DN-CN setup then DN-DN, unless there are certain reasons why you should do that, which are unclear for me at this point, so your insight is very valuable to me

DN-DN is normally used to link together V5000’s and create distributed networks, the E2E controller is used to configure the optimum frequency and polarity as the network builds out.

Using a PTP link like this is not a big issue but there are things you need to account for:

  1. In a DN to DN, the channel changes need to synchronized. The remote DN (non-POP) needs to have its channel changed first and then the POP side. This is required as the DNs do not have a rescan time-out as in the case of CN.

CNs have a channel rescan mechanism built in, whereby the CN scans on a previous linked up channel for up to 2 minutes and then timeouts and starts re-scanning across all channels.

  1. In a PTP link a CN would directly synchronize itself to the DN, which we call RF sync. In a DN to DN both radios sync to the 1PPS from GPS so both radios require GPS (if it’s not forced disabled). FWIW this can help with really long links (>1km) to get tight sync.

Note: At the moment to change from DN to CN or visa versa you do have to reboot the unit

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Thank you for this usefull input.

The only thing which is odd, is the fact that according to my coworker that did the staging he put the CN as a CN but when he rebooted the link he went back to DN

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