DN with mixed CN distanceses some less than 25M most more than 25m

Is it acceptable to simply enable the “Short range (<25m) optimized” on the CN when you have a CN that is less than 25M even if you have several other CNs at 25-150M connected to the same DN? I would not enable it on the DN since I assume that all my longer range connections would not connect well if the DN is short range.

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As you have pointed out quite rightly, we wouldn’t want to set the short range on the DN which has other long-range clients. We could enable this short range on the CN that is close to the DN. If you have a case of short- and long-range Clients that you have to deal with on the same DN, it would be good practice to avoid installing this short-range CN at the intersection between the 2 sectors of the V5K (DN). As mentioned in the deployment guide knowledge-based article, if this short range CN is placed within +/-10 degrees about the intersection point, the chances of experiencing issues related to Near-Far-Ratio would increase.

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