DNS-ACL permitir solo descargas de app/play Store

Estimado Soporte.

Pueden colaborar me con información para lo siguiente:

  • Denegar navegación
  • Permitir descargas de app a traves de la tienda en linea /play / app store)

Emerson Tobar
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nota adicional:
Utilizo equipos CnPilot E410

Hi ,
APP downloads through online store / play / app store is by default allowed. Please check if ACL is added to deny traffic. If you still face the issue, please share the AP tech support to this email address (anv100@cambiumnetworks.com)


Dear support, thank you for your answer.

Now have another issue.

if put the “apple.com” sites in the opction DNS-ACL, the app store work fine, but if add the sites to play store, the app store stop work and play store works fine.

The app store (apple) only works fine if this sites are alone.

The play store works fine w/o the sites app store.

Can you help to fixed this issue?

See the attachment below.

Best Regards.Config (2).txt (5.9 KB)

All modern sites will have multiple websites (links to other sites ) within the same page. Suggest you to capture the packets (you can use Wireshark) on the client and add the all the DNS query client generate to the allow list. This will make sure that all associated URL’s are allowed.