DNS disruption

I have a small network consisting of a Windows Server 2022 DC, which hosts the DHCP Server and DNS server for this network.

I added an EX2016M-P into the mix, primarily for the 2.5Gbps ports. However since then the internal DNS and ActiveDirectory have been.

Being new to CN products, so I’ve stumbled a bit. I’ve not been able to find much documentation.

Under L3 Management>DNS, I have inserted the IP address of the Windows DNS server, mated to vlan1.

Is this where I’ve gone awry, or am I barking up the wrong tree? Do I even need to have an entry in here?

Hi Paul,

It’s not clear to me the problem you are facing with the EX2016M-P.

The DNS setting on the switch is global and does not associate with any VLAN. The switch uses DNS to resolve the hostname when it needs to communicate with a device. Mainly for management connectivity.

Typically, the DHCP server would advertise the Gateway and DNS address to the switch when switch obtains its DHCP IP address. If the switch is assigned with a static IP, then you can configure DNS via Web GUI under L3 > IP > DNS.

Thanks for responding.

If I understand you correctly in that last sentence, if no static IP then I need not have an entry in L3>IP>DNS?
Presently it mentions vlan1 and the IP addy of the Windows DNS server. Which kind of makes sense if I want all devices on the network pointing to it. But if it’s unnecessary, I can remove it.

What I’m seeking is that the switch offers no DNS itself.

The switch does not act as a DNS server. It only has a DNS client for name resolution.

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Thanks Eric. I’ve been trying to track down where DNS is tripping up.

It’s been a game of whack-a-mole.