Do all ping times suck with canopy?

I have now been doing some intense reading about the canopy sytmen to try and understad how people with 10mb uploads could be having problems with thier online gaming. Finally I can accross an article online about canopy systems and ping times (latency) From what I can tell, the canopy system has a build in delay of about 30ms. This means that no matter how good the backhual, you can only have a minimum of 30 ping. Can anyone confirm using the canopy system for gaming and achieving a good ping? my pings are all over the place and spike to about 230ms at times. Also are any of you providers withing the Chicago Land area? I would like to learn more about other providers experieces in my area. THANKS!

Canopy has a ‘built-in’ 20ms latency. It’s caused by the polling method (I think, it needs 20ms to poll all connected clients if they wants to transmit or not). You can help yourself a little, set TOS-tag to 3 on your udp packets what ports associated with your game. It will send quake packets first than rest.
(It is builtin for VOIP). If AP is busy, you will have no chance. By the way, AP has 6mbps/cell. If you have 10mbps speed, you have to use backhaul what has 3ms latency as it’s a p2p system (so no need for polling)

Where do I set me TOS-tag to 3 on your udp packets?

Do any of you guys get horrible ping times?

We service an online gaming/rent time on a computer shop. They have about 40 systems up and running. I don’t know how many people they have playing games at any given time, but our service is good enough for them. They originally had a TW Roadrunner business connection and switched to us. They are not setup with the special TOS tags mentioned in this thread. We have people using vonage VOIP too - without the TOS tags too.

wow, I’m shocked that a gaming center uses the Canopy system. I guess it really has a lot to do with the backbone you connect to as well. Our backbone (Focal Chicago) has been know to be not so good. I think this could be the real cause for the horrible ping times. What type of latency do you see on your system evergent? Also how do I change these TOS tags?

we usually see ping times within our network around 30ms. The lowest ping time i’ve seen on a game was 40ms, but most are around 60-100ms. These times were pretty much exactly what their road runner connection was providing as we had the server list up on two machines side by side. I haven’t done it myself, but I believe those settings are in the AP. I believe those setting are most useful when the wireless network is heavily loaded. It won’t have anything to do with the connection past the wireless network either. Maybe someone who is actually using it can post.

if you are getting ping times are around 50-100 ms to the AP, then something is not quite right with your connection. If there is no load on your link, your ping times should hover around 22-25 ms. if they are much higher, then your alignment is off or you have some interference. If the times your talking about are to the server or way beyond the AP then they dont sound so bad. i have several gamers on my Canopy system, and none of them complain.

In case of high uplink traffic (not only at you, but maybe on whole network) will make your ping higher.
If you want to be sure your packets (voip, game or other) will delivered before the other (http, ftp, mail) you have to set the TOS flag. it can be done with a special router, and also can be done with linux and iptables. This will set your packets to go thru hispeed uplink/downlink channel instead of global channel. it’s available to dedicate a percentage of while cellspeed to hispeed. I mean, you can set summarized downstream to 4mbps, upstream to 2mbps, and set 25% of that for hispeed. that means 1mbps/512kbps in each cell will deliver the packets with TOS-3 first, than the rest. If TOS-3 packets will not fill the channel, it will be available to the rest. (So if TOS3 needs 1mbps, rest have 3. If TOS-3 needs only 512kbps, rest have 4.5mbps)

Ping results on our network for the following link
pc => sm => AP => BHm/BHs => router => server

16 packets transmitted, 16 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 24.615/28.618/30.666 ms

The ping times I mentioned that were up to 50+ ms were out to their final internet destination.

I believe this is how a canopy network should work and I’m happy with the performance we get out of it. Thanks for the info about the udp stuff. We’ll have to look into it for when the network gets more heavily loaded.

wow, this is all fantastic info. I think the ISP I am wish has just maxed out thier bandwidth. Things are continually getting woarse with them and I’m sure the added customer base is the culprit. My latest Ping from Dr. Ping are aound 200 to 400ms which is just unplayable for onine games. Looks like I might have to drop Canopy all together.

It’s rather looks like to ask ISP for upgrade their cell and/or backhaul, than dropping canopy device.

That would be nice, but I doubt my ISP will change thier backhaul just becuase I ask them too. It would be great if they took what thier customers said into consideration, but they really dont. The only other thing I could do is start my own ISP. :wink:

Maybe your ISP is not well trained, and not monitoring the ping times on the network. five them the url to this thread :slight_smile: