Do canopy modules need to be sealed?

We’re having trouble with a few units showing what appears to be corrosion on the circuit board. Has anyone else had trouble with corrosion? We’re wondering if we’re going to have to start sealing up the case with silicone to prevent moisture inside the module. Is anyone else sealing the AP, BH and SM modules?


Nope. But water has an amazing way of seeping, sometimes even what appears to be uphill.

Haven’t had issues with the radios - they seem to heat up enough to evaporate what we experience in humidity here. Although I did get a couple of 2450-360.15 Cyclones that did not receive any o-rings around the antenna - those boards had lots of corrosion in them. I took pictures. :?

I did see a 600SS this winter that was covered inside and out with heavy hore frost. Should have taken pictures… :frowning: