Do cnMatrix switches support NAT?

I'm installing a small network (3 cnPilot e410's aggregated into an EX2010-P) to upgrade an existing WiFi network that is using a consumer-grade Netgear AP. This is in a school, which gets their internet service through a cable modem. Currently the cable modem is simply configured in bridged mode, and the school's static IP address is configured in the Netgear, which is also doing NAT for the inside LAN. I want to replace the Netgear with the e410's and EX2010-P, but I can't find anything in the cnMatrix documentation about the switch being capable of NAT. 

Long intro to a simple question, but can I do NAT with the EX2010-P?  I just recently started working with Cambium equipment, so sorry about the newbie question. Any guidance would be appreciated.



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 NAT is not supported in cnMatrix. This is because our switch forwards traffic at line rate using hardware, and NAT is not supported in the hardware.

Thanks for the quick reply, and for the explanation for the reason why NAT isn't supported. Much appreciated. I'll look for a way to perform NAT external to the EX2010-P.

This is switch not router or firewall

Even Cisco switch that support NAT only big one like 6500

If you want to replace your netgear then use firewall

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I suggest you pick pfsense in an old PC. I have worked with many schools and all the time they have some, thought to be dead, PCs lying aroung. This will also give you more fine grained control over the networks. And I have been using the cnMatrix switch for somewhat last 6/4 months. And they are all fine. No worries. But makes a little bit sound even with no load and that annoys me.  


You have described cnMatrix switch makes a little bit sound. Is this an EX2028-P (24-port PoE switch)? The EX2028-P has internal fans. Does the sound appear coming from the fans? 


@tng100 yup. the sound is from the internal fans.