Do not trust the Cámbium guarantee

The worst guarantee you have from camnium.
A force 200 broke down in September 2022 and when using the warranty at first they told me that they would replace the product but later they would change it for a more updated version force200l which does not seem as up-to-date as mentioned. Refusing this, they told me that they would send the change from China and that is why it was going to take a while.
Today March 5, 2023 I have no solution and when I write to cambium they only give me a dhl track that was not sent weeks ago.

Track DHL 7212804185

It’s always a great idea to carry spare Subscribers; hopefully this will be resolved soon


I apologise for the delay.
As I can see the radio has been shipped on 16th of February and it got stuck in DHL service.
Let me check with the support team and we will ship the new radio to you one more time.
Sorry for inconveniences.

Thank you.


I do support Cambium. Most of the time their warranty process is pretty good. When I have had issues we always work them out. The weak part of the system sometimes is the distributors who are in charge of providing replacements. Sometimes distributors are not that efficient.
Down here in Australia I do trust Cambium.!!!


Never had a problem with Cambium’s RMA/Warranty system. Sometimes it can be frustrating to confirm the hardware fault, but that is actually a good thing since it proves the radio is faulty. Also sometimes the distributors can take time to ship out but Cambium is usually fast to respond and help get things moving when needed.

As for the F200L, you were right to not accept it. It is a cut-down version of the F200 with less memory and a slower CPU, it is not the same as the F200!

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Very unique situation here, as Force 200 is no longer in stock at Distributors in Peru, neither in must of Latin America. We gladly offered an upgrade to F300-25L and even credit the unit price, but as @Tewsbehappy needed this particular model, we needed to build a specific unit in factory and send it to Peru, what’s it completely out of our regular process.
But I can proudly say, even with all the complexity, we are almost done with this RMA!


We never had such problem in Greece. I have installed many F200. None had any problem. The remote support is the best in the business and always carry one unit to change it if they’re a problem and maybe charge client if warranty is over. If it’s not over alway support client with a new device and deal with RMA with the industry.
We trust CAMBIUM form Thai side of the planet.


We have escalated this issue. We will push it through DHL or will send once again!

Thank you all for your trust and support! Cambium Networks ships millions of radios every year. This is life and issues happen from time to time. But we do our best to sort them all and will not leave any one without attention.

Sometimes we spend some time to investigate before RMAing a radio. But it is because we need to make sure it is just a failure and not HW or SW bug that will affect others.


Good morning Regardless of the time since the 09-2022 guarantee was made, tomorrow marks 1 month of the shipment by DHL that was not delivered.
For my part I do not trust the F300 range in any of its versions. I trust that this rma will be solved.

Here we go again.

The package was delivered by DHL, it was not sent to me, but to a company for documentation of customs permits. This was several weeks ago, the problem is that the company that received the force 200 does not respond to my messages.
The guarantee is from September, October, November, December 2022, January, February, March, April and May 2023. Definitely the slowest guarantee and it has not yet been solved. Definitely based on my experience in this guarantee I would not recommend Cambium to anyone.

Have you contacted DHL (the courier of interest) to get this handled? This is not a Cambium failing but a courier issue.

The force 200 was delivered to a company in Peru whose name I don’t even know. I have no information where the antenna is. The worst guarantee I followed.

Thisbis NOT a failing of Cambium. This is a failing of DHL.
Cambium does need to file a lost shipment claim but this loss of shipment is not something they have control of.

So please calm down and think rationally. Cambium has worked with you to meet your needs and something went wrong.

Hello @Tewsbehappy,
I’m sorry! It is our failure. I have escalated this issue to the management and will supervise it until the resolution.