do those big ass yagi's help?

i have a customer about 7.8 miles from the ap. he is getting around 76 to78 -db

the number are ‘ok’ but would like to get them higher.

there no noise at all in the area

just wondering if a bigger yagi would help get stronger signal, faster speeds etc…

What antenna is on there now?

Compared to an 8dBi Maxrad, a 13dBi Yagi will give you 5dB more signal.

What frequency?

Man, will it ever make a difference. I have a few customers who were surrounded by trees. Could get a signal, but not stable (with stock Maxrad panel - low to mid 80s)

Switched them to a M2 Yagi 14DB. Made all the difference in the world - burning right through the tree line. Gives me 5-7+ DBs. It isn’t that long - I think 3ft or so. Using this model I have not had the need (so far) to use anything more powerful. I am picking up customers at 10-12 miles.

In my area, I can live with high 70s. I have a very low noise threshold.

Learning as I go.

I use a lot of the 14dbi and 17dbi M2 Yagis. The 17 can improve a connection up to 10db over a 14.

I have also recently installed a M2 combiner with 2x 17 Yagis. This gave almost 8 db of improvement. This customer is 12.5 miles away and shoots down to my AP over a hill.

I install no connection worse than -72 anymore. For a 7.8 mile shot I would start with the M2 17dbi Yagi and go from there. These are touchy to align, you will also have to find a height where it does not have a big reflection from something on the ground. Do not expect to throw it up in exactly the same spot and see a big improvement. Spend an hour or so playing around on the site to find where it works best. Go slow because a bit of tilt makes a big difference.