Documented Configuration/Firmware Issues with cnMatrix Devices and cnMaestro?

Hi Cambium Community,

I have been running into a round of issues when using cnMaestro to manage a EX2010-P switch within my lab environment. The last time it was trying to get IPv6 to work through the switch, which I come to find out after checking with the Cambium team, it was not supported until a recent firmware update.

Now, I am trying to use the Switch Group feature to make changes and work through creating templates to use for rapid deployment and have been running into an issue which the EX2010-P is no long connecting to cnMaestro and I cannot make the changes from cnMaestro. The switch itself is online and available to connect through a web GUI through its IP address on the network, but I cannot factory default.

In terms of troubleshooting steps I have done the following:

- Removed it from the cnMaestro envornment and re-onboarded it

- Deleted the Switch Group that might have been causing the problem

- Clone the Default Switch Group and renamed it to something else as the basis for a known good configuration

- Added the EX2010-P to the new known good default switch group

What else should I done to get the EX2010-P working with cnMaestro correctly? Is there an bug/issue within cnMaestro and the cnMatrix firmware that is causing this issue?


I am sorry to hear you are facing difficulty configuring cnMatrix using cnMaestro Switch Group. We are not aware of any similar issue. Please contact me at so I can assist you further.

Thanks & Regards.