Don't forget the climber!

As a Certified Climber, Rescue Climber, and Rescue and Climbing Instructor, I'm fairly versed on climbing towers and other structures, and what it takes to install equipment.  With that said, I just had the thought that sometimes we get this new equipment in, I do an unboxing, and I forget sometimes to mention talking points for the guy who's going to be installing the stuff, the climber!

With that said, I think it'd be a great idea for Cambium to take advantage of guys like myself and others in the industry, and field new product lines to them for review, and see if there is anything that jumps out at them in regard to how it will affect the climber.

A few examples:

Advising them on early ePMP products to make a large hole/webbing strap grab point for hoisting ( we now have the handle)

Bracket location and spacing

Bracket design/sizes for types of pipes it will be installed on (This is currently an issue on the Force 300 as it will not clamp down small enough for a Rohn 25 leg.)

Bolt and nut sizes, weather seals, cable grommets, etc.

Aiming methods, and how the equipment affects that.

These are just a few things, but the list could go on and on.  Just food for thought as new items come out and are designed.  I'm also interested, as a follow up question to the community, how many on the community are installing the equipment vs. paying someone to go install it for you?  Sometimes creativity is necessary, like this example of an ePMP sector that needed to extend out a bit to have full view of an area and not be obscured by the grain elevator equipment.