don't work epmp 1000

Have upgraded Ap and Sta in the same time from 2.1v to 2.3. AP works but Sra not, have only ping 2-3 packets in minute, and can’t connect or reset. Please help me

If you did the upgrades remotely to both the AP and STA at the same time, that's a very dangerous approach.  The reasoning is if you upgrade the AP and it goes through it's reboot process while the STA is still in it's upgrade process, the STA will drop off session and lose the data transfer mid-transfer.  You may have damaged the FW load on the STA doing this.  It's always best to do one at a time.

Oh… And what I need to do know?

when have disconnect second LAN cable, all is work.

even when it have disconnected on rocket m5 gps. ePTP 1000 don`t work. need only remove it.


The second LAN cable (labeled as AUX) is for PoE out and it supports powering up other devices. Can you confirm your setup and tests please -

1. One AP & One STA - both upgraded to 2.3

2. PC above AP and PC below STA

3. AP and STA are resgistered

4. You try to ping from PC above to PC below and you don't see steady ping packets?

Please confirm 1 to 3 as your setup and #4 as what you are seeing?

Thank you


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