Double SM installation over a simple cable

We have several installations with SM and PMP430. We need to get double service at client site, and we think on installing a second SM at the same point where there is the first one. There is a way to use the same cable from PoE to SM for communicate with two SM? We could feed with a higher feeder and same cables but if we need 4cables to communicate SM with switch there is no way to make this. Because of radio limitations we don't have double link capacity and so we need to look for other solutions.

I am not sure I understand your question or the intent of what you're trying to achieve.

Are you trying to get more capacity at a specific location by installing 2 SMs?

Thank you Cambium!

Yes, that's what we  look for. But we don't want to install a new cable from the new SM until PoE location. We would like to use the same cat5 FTP ethernet cable to feed 2SM at the same point.

May it be possible with a different PoE?