Double SM

We talked about this before…

I have a customer that wants 6M x 6M. He’s too far for an Advantage but gets a great link at 1X - 3.3M x 3.2M.

We were considering using two SM’s and a load balancing router. Is anyone using two SM’s to double the aggregate bandwidth? If so, what router are you using?



Am I wrong to say it would be pointless to use a load balancing router in this situation because both of the SMs are going off of the same AP anyway and you are limited to the bandwidth of that AP?

Hello Jerry

I am shure it will do the basics of what you want if you use a load bonding router such as what I use
We have been very pleased with the balance 300
but I bet a 30 would more than suffice for what your looking to do

We use ours to bond 3 x 6 mb DSL connections and it works flawlessly
I see no reason two SM’s wouldn’t work just as well

Edimax also makes some decent units but Peplink is our first and only choice now



i would just consider a PtP link using a pari of BH’s…

the cost of 2 x SM plus 1 x AP + the aggregator comes very close to the cost of the BH.

The BH would be a much superior link.

Alternativel you could get the AP put it on a dish and align the AP-SM as if you were aligning the BH-BH, this should get rid of your distance problem and allow you to use an advantage

Putting the AP on a dish is illegal in the states.

ahhh… doesn’t the BH and AP transmit the same power…