Doubt about beamforming.

hello guys,

Because we only have beamforming in the uplink, the downlink is not possible or it is not necessary?

Would not there be performance gain in very noisy environments if downlink was also beamforming?

If it is possible because we have nothing available in the market?

Beam forming essential provides the wide beam width antenna with the luxury of the cpes narrow beam antennas. Downlink beamforming would help capacity in large mumimo transmission counts like the 450m, 14x14. Its not a thing on any 2x2 radio.

The cpe with highgain narrow beam antennas already reject noise out of beam wodth from having narrow beams for it to listen.

Ie a force200 has a narrower beamwidth than a force180 and thus will hear less noise.

Nowadays it is very difficult to use open technology like 5.8Ghz I do not see a promising future if the manufacturers do not develop something very revolutionary that leaves the WISP in competitive conditions with operators via cable or fiber. Very difficult to achieve high bandwidth even with EPMP 2000 and antenna beamforming. Here I have EPMP 2000 installed that reaches up to 70-80 mbps of troughput and high latency even in flexible mode, the demand for higher speeds is growing very fast and I do not see a viable way to achieve this today with wireless in very congested environments. I thought that beamforming in the downlink would be a solution that would make all the difference in this type of environment.

Thanks for the clarifications.