Doubt with statics and reports

Hi everybody, I have a doubt with the use of WManager, and trying to learn the use of that software.

I've installed the WM4.0, and i would like to know if is posible to check a few parameters of statics for all my devices, and not go one by one chossing that parameters.

And at the same time, with that parameters of statitcs can i make some kind of report, or only could take the dates from table and use it with an Excel page.

thanks for all.

User can extract Performance Stats data into excel report.

Suppose user wants to extract Ethernet Stats data for AP devices then he/she can execute Ethernet Stats Report through "System Reports" from WM.

By default, Wireless Manager provides some reports which are present at location "Cambium/WM/server/Default Templates\System Reports\" in WM installed folder . User can import these reports into WM as mentioned below :

  • Go To  "System Report" in WM
  • Right Click on it
  • Select "Import Reports"

Apart from these reports, if user wants some other reports then please contact @


hanks for your response Jayshree, but  with report i was showing that I could give data about confiiguration of my AP430 OFDM, and I'm interested in collect statisitcs reports or informs about the utility of my RF conexión before that link could be degradate, and I would like take statistics about the utility of the diferents links that I have.

For that reason is for why i'm looking for how to use reports or how to collect data more easy than to go device by device and pick the statistics parameters one by one.

Are you interested in RF Stats Report?

If yes then please import "ApRadioStatisticsReport" for AP devices and "SmRadioStatisticsReport" for SM devices report from "Cambium\WM\server\Default Templates\System Reports\PMP" directory as per instructions mentioned in previous reply.

After importing,

  • Go To - In WM, on left hand side,  click on "System Reports
  • Select "ApRadioStatisticsReport" which user have imported
  • Right click on it and select "Execute Report"

This report will provides user all the RF stats data for all AP devices which are currently present in WM Inventory.

Note : Currently, report shows only MIN, MAX and AVG values of stats attributes.

You can check format by executing above report. It will clear your idea more.