Down in cnMaestro but AP says Connected in GUI

I have a 450M AP that had been working fine in cnMaestro. It reported down a few days ago dispite the AP's GUI saying "Connected". I deleted it from cnMaestro thinking it would come back for adoption. It did not. Is there a way to force the AP into adoption mode without rebooting it?


Do you use cnMaestro cloud or on-premises? 

May I know the cnMaestro and device software version?

My bad. Totally forgot that nugget of info. On Premise and PMP450M software 16.0.1


I have seen similar issue with 16.0.1 version and upgrading the AP to fixed the issue. To confirm, please forward the engineering.cgi from the AP-450m to my email address: 

Also, I would suggest to upgrade your AP to software and check the result. Please do share the cnMaestro version when you drop an email. 

Seeing samething. cnMaestro 2.2.1-r32 on premise.  Some of APs are even on 16.1 some other versions.  Most APs are being monitored fine but just a few doing this.  The AP will say connected but cnMaestro says offline.

You must also type IP address of AP in manually to access directly since cnMaestro trys to add https for some odd reason.