downtilt calculations

the motorola downtilt excel sheet is handy, but is it doing the calculation based on the center line, otherwise known as the “horizon” of the RF pattern?

Isn’t the vertical degrees of the integrated antenna 35 degrees? how much of that is above the “rf pattern” horizion?

Anybody here using the downtilt calculation spreadsheet to set their AP downtilt?

I was attempting to use the downtilt calculator today. Had downloaded it some time ago.

Much to my surprise it appears to give negative numbers for the outer zone, which seems to depend on the values I plug in for amount of downtilt and vertical beamwidth.

Low values seem to generate what looks like reasonable results, but larger values generate negative (but still reasonable looking) values.

I was thinking that perhaps my copy of the calculator got corrupted, went to the Canopy site to down load a fresh copy, but cannot seem to locate it or any of the other xls tools that were around before.

Any chance you can provide me with a link to the calculator ?

I would try to debug the formula, but am afraid that my collage days are over 40 years behind me, so have lost the ability to work in radians