"Downtilt" on CBRS Template

So the use of 'downtilt' values instead of just 'tilt' values in the Cambium CBRS template spreadsheet is super confusing and breaks from other tools Cambium distributes that incorporate this value. As an example, here's LinkPlanner using 'tilt' and negative numbers that indicate 'downtilt' and postive numbers to indicate 'uptilt':


I would wager money that some people are putting in the wrong values... I did at first. I think it would be less confusing to just use 'tilt' values and instead of the backwards 'downtilt' values.

Seeing the same thing

Agreed, some continutity between these different references would be much appreciated.

The "downtilt" is defined by WInnForum and is one of the parameters that need to be signed by the CPI. 

The CBRS template spreadsheet uses the official CBRS convention, as CPIs would have taken the official CPI course that defines the downtilt in this way. 

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