Drone Video?

I am looking for a great drone video of Cambium Networks equipment on a tower? Anyone have a video to share?



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I have a ton of raw footage but don't wish to share publicly.  Email me if you'd like to view. 

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We have some on water towers but the radios and towers are all dirty and covered in bird poop and my tower guys have no concept of wire management which vexes me greatly. 

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Can you post any of them here? I can ignore dirty towers.

Well turns out not one of the towers I have ran the drone up has any Cambium antennas. Every single radio is cambium but the antennas are all ubiquiti, KPP or RF-Elements (horns). When we changed over to ePMP from Ubiquiti we just swapped the radios, not the antennas. And even the last few expansions we still had tons of those antennas.

We have one tower, our newest one, that is all Cambium antennas and radios that I plan to run my drone up but it sets right next to a maximum security prison.   Technically I am allowed to fly my drone there but the prison guards may not be very familure with FAA rules and regulations.  So I need to find time to get with the prison and make sure they know/agree I can fly it there so I don't end up receiving any complementary cavity searches from the prison staff.

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Thanks - we appreciate any videos we can get.

What equipment you want video of Ray?