Drop all secondary/tertiary sessions option

I'd like to see an option in the Canopy APs to drop all sessions on secondary and/or tertiary colour codes.  Any time I restart the APs or do a spectrum, I end up with a bunch of SMs on the wrong APs, and it would be nice to be able to kick just those sessions without having to kick everybody or spend a lot of time cross referencing the sessions list to know which ones aren't using their primary CC.

Are you familiar with the non-primary CC timeout option on the AP? Usually we set this to 5 minutes and all is good. Also, you can quickly identify which SM's are secondary/tertiary on the Session Status -> Session tab.

I am, and we do use it.  My concern is that if something goes wrong which causes an SM to latch onto the wrong AP consistently, then a five minute timeout leads to the session dropping constantly.  I have our APs set to 120 minutes so the service is still usable in such a case.

That feature would be very welcome in the Epmp line (Re-scan if connected to second option).

I would like this too. The 'wait for idle period' rarely works due to customers always moving some kind of traffic, like SIP session keepalives, etc.