Drop Multicast Traffic

-1 minor typo there
Drop the send/receive of multicat traffic

should be

Drop the send/receive of multicast traffic

Hope fixed in the next firmware

I have vlan10 and vlan20

I want to simulate "Drop Multicast Traffic"

What has been tested by set "Drop Multicast Traffic" in vlan20 SSID:

1. put vlc streaming in vlan1 and put vlc player in vlan20 SSID

RESULT: can't block

2. pc in vlan20 play Youtube

RESULT: can't block


1. What software I need to simulate "Drop Multicast Traffic"


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Good eye on that typo. What exactly are you looking for? A way to generate multicast traffic? If you have an extra VoIP phone handy you could provision it to do a multicast page.

Things like chromecasts generate multicast traffic.

To sniff out multicast traffic on your network you should use this filter in wireshark:



- You can use "IPERF" to generate multicast traffic.


Could you please elaborate.

1. what version you use. I heard must use iperf2 instead of iperf3, because iperf2 support multicast

2. If I use iperf2 for windows, I need to use binary without cygwin.

What is in your site

3. can I test running iperf2 within same windows pc. i.e I open 2x cmd

Server side: iperf.exe -s -B -i 10
Client side: iperf.exe -c -u -b 80k –i 10 –t 92

Those just to test whether syntax is correct and test whether there is connection between server and client within same host