DTIM Issue w/ Apple Devices

Checking if anyone here has run into DTIM issues before with Apple Devices ? We did a site recently and had various Apple clients constantly getting disconnected constantly from the network and had to alter DTIM settings from 1 → 3 to get them stable.

Any reason you guys are setting DTIM to 1 by default when Apple suggests it to be at least 3 or more ?

To begin with are you sure that changing the DTIM value to 3 solved your connectivity issues or was it some other config related changes that was done ?

Not sure which article or document you are referring to that says Apple suggests DTIM period as 3, but in general the recommended DTIM period is 1 or 2. 1 especially for VoIP applications to work better. Higher DTIM values in general lead to more communication issues. By setting DTIM to 1, we are going to transmit buffered Broadcast and Multicast frames after every beacon which is ideal for most of the power saving clients. By changing that to 3, we will end up sending the buffered Broadcast and Multicast frames only after every 3 beacons.

Curious to know what Apple devices are in question here and also which CnPilot product is in question here ?

Hi Kaushik, I will log a call regarding this when I get to the customers site again.