Dual Radio - Disable Radio 2

Hello Support.

I know in pervious firmware releases we were able to disable radios via telnet.  As of the last few releases we are unable to do this?  Is there a different command or another way to do this?  I dont recall the exact command, but it was something like set rfmod 1 or 2 disable.  Thanks

Hi Chris,

with cnReach dual radios, there is no longer a button to disable the secondary radio.  To make sure that that the second radio is inactive, you can simply assign it to an EP (End Point) role and also set its network id to something not being actively used.  Radios assigned to the EP role do not respond or transmit anything unless they hear a beacon on their frequency and network id so in with this configuration that radio 2 would be in an idle/un-used mode.

- Bruce