Dual radio to run Spectrum Analysis tool

Why don't introduce a second radio to use an indipendent live data radio spectrum analysis tool. 

I’m not loving this unless the second radio was able to be completely deactivated. Our solar powered towers won’t like the second radio power consumption.

A while back someone from Cambium said it may be possible to take a snapshot of the spectrum while the radio transitions from tx to rx. It is understood that this may not be 100% accurate but it is certainly of great advantage to have a constant view of what the enviromment looks like. If the interference is ever present (which is the worst kind), then this idea should work.

Personally i wish their was a way to do a network wide spectrum scan during the tx frames of the AP, that way we get a clear view of what the entire network looks like without hearing adjacent canopies that are well-timed. Some form of way of triggering the entire network to use 1 tx session to just capture spectrum.

As for the live spectrum radio idea, i do like it and many other vendors are starting to do it the power concern shouldn't be a huge issue, even on a solar site, as the radio would be passive only listening not transmitting thereby very low power.

Why not just add a second integrated radio up on the tower yourself for this so it keeps the cost down for others.  Adding another radio inside the GPS synced radios would drive up the price more and increase the size I would assume.  Adding a seoncd radio yourself will allow you to power it down into the negative levels to prevent self interference.  Cost to you would only be $85