Dual/Tri-band Home Mesh Network Compatible with ePMP 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz AP/SM's.

Any of you know of a dual or tri-band home mesh network where we/customer can control frequency and channel width in -each- band? Many of our customers use Orbi's and Google WiFi. They seem to work well avoiding landing on our SM's frequencies, until they land on our SM's frequency. Usually a reboot fixes that. That gets old to us and customers.

We have a situation now where the backhaul link of a 3 unit tri-band Orbi mesh keeps landing on our SM's freq of 5.785Ghz. We have no way of locking freq or channel width down for the backhaul link. Anything connected to main router works fine, but devices connected to satellites get a few Mbps and horrible ping and jitter due to interference to backhaul link from our SM. Their sons were giving customer hell because of the lag on their Xboxes. Customer had to keep rebooting Orbi, for it to just happen again, and again, and again....... Right now they have both satellites unplugged and covering house with just the main router. Pings and jitter are excellent, but they are not getting the speeds they should at edges of their large home (40Mbps package). 

Looking for 3 unit mesh in the $300 price range. Need a fairly good feature set as well (parental control, roaming, MU-MIMO, beam forming, QoS, etc). The biggest thing is for us to be able to lock down channel and channel width for all bands mesh network covers. 

Thanks for any suggestions. 

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The big challenge as you've found is that the majority of these consumer whole-home wifi solutions assume that they are the only wireless devices in existance and were (poorly) designed as such.   Take a look at the Mikrotik Audience.


The audience "parental control" element is going to be lacking compared to most consumer brands though.

I know of some providers utilizing Calix routers as well, but don't have any experience with them myself.

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Calix GigaCenter and 804Mesh is what you're looking for. We have 1000+ deployed and you have complete control of the channels with full visibility into the home to manage their WiFi experience.

No more guessing and no more bad WiFi.

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Thanks to both of you, we will have to look into these.