Dying Gasp ePMP

Are there any plans to add a Dying Gasp feature to the ePMP product line to send a log message to cnMaestro if the radio is unplugged/loses power? This would be extremely useful in troubleshooting.

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We get the “first breath” logs to our log server which state power on reset.
Not exactly what you are looking for but the radio nor the power brick have enough capacitance to support a last gasp message, which sucks since it would also fix the off line due to bad power issue.

First Breath is helpful for knowing why something rebooted… but is not at all helpful for troubleshooting why an end user device is currently offline. I realize the radio does not currently have the ability to support this. I’m asking to request this as a feature for future revision. Other vendors, such as RADWin, support this on their wireless end-user equipment.

This is still a hardware limitation not only to detect the input power loss but also to have the energy storage to provide for the last transmission.

This would make an already expensive CPE radio more expensive.

I am not saying your request is bad or invalid, in fact I am supporting it but I also know the hardware inside the plastic and as such it does not have the capabilities at this time.


I understand. It could be as simple, though perhaps, as offering a different PoE injector for those who want the feature (at an added cost) that would send some kind of a pulse to the radio which would trigger the gasp packet to be sent. The supply could have a larger capacitor and small smarts in it.

Or the radio could be configured so that if the voltage sagged below the average voltage by X % send the packet. Then all you need is some software in the radio, and a power supply with larger capacitor.

You basically have described the $100usd PIDU with a small battery.

If we are going to move the smarts to the PSU then it would probably be better to have a dedicated mini-UPS with a small switch and some management software to detect AC loss and send “on battery” and “battery low” messages. Make the POE port under a cover so fingers cant get to it easily.

Somehow RADWin has figured out how to do it on their $170 SMs.

So in cambium pricing that would be close to $400.


Mmmmmm yes… well, if others can do it for less money I’m sure a big company like Cambium can figure it out too.

New product line: cnGasp.
Not only tells you if a radio lost power but also the sound you make when you are told the price!


Nice. Twnty Chracter

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Expensive compared to what?

You should reread my comment about expensive, looks like you missed what I said.

You said “This would make an already expensive CPE radio more expensive.”

My question to you is why do you think the CPE / radio is expensive and compared to what other CPE on the market that are comperable? YOu can throw UBNT out of the mix becuase I dont feel thats even in the running.

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Now I know you misunderstood, i am not making a comparison to another manufacturer but to the fact that these radios are already expensive as is and adding a feature to do the detection and keep the radio powered long enough to gasp would further add to the expense.
This is also on the heels of yet another product price increase with no tangible changes to the existing products.